What Does The World Tarot Card Mean?
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If the world is what we make of it, the World Tarot card is there to let us know that it is up to us to create our own personal worlds as we wish them to be.

Any reading that has this card in it is a blessing. It is a sign that we have the world at our feet, and that opportunity abounds if we are aware. If you are a person who believes in and uses the Law of Attraction, this is the card that symbolizes that kind of thinking.

The World Tarot Card Meanings

Upright: Great achievement, positivity and good feelings; the power to manifest and create; travel, success, fulfillment, and belonging

Reversed: Failure, loss, boredom, burden, lack of enthusiasm, stagnation; efforts gone stale, laziness and lack of involvement

The World Tarot Card Description 

The World is the 21st card in the Major Arcana and depicts a woman, wrapped in purple cloth, holding on to two wands while she floats in mid-air magically. She floats within a circular wreath, symbolizing completion.

Around her, in each corner of the card, are four figures: an angel in the upper left corner, an eagle in the upper right, a bull in the lower-left corner, and a lion in the lower right.

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She is goddess-like and we recognize that she is perhaps Mother Nature, the creator of all living things.

She is completing what The Magician card lets us know can be done. His tools are laid out on the table, and she has apparently used those tools to create the world.

She is the symbol of the cycle of life, and the progression of life events we all must go through. She is the promise of return and the gratification of a job well done.

Upright World Meaning 

When the World Tarot card shows up in a reading upright, it is always a good sign.

Lessons have been learned and put to good use, and the success you have strived for is here or about to be here, depending on where it sits in the spread. It is a card of great opportunity, as well as an affirmation for you to know that you have done well.

The World is probably one of the best Tarot cards you can get if you are concerned about your career or financial interest.

It confirms your ability to make the right decisions in these matters and lets you know that you can indeed trust your gut. It is a spiritual card as well that assures you that you are on the right path.

This card is also there to tell you that you can rest a bit, that you do not have to work yourself to the bone because you have already done so much and come so far that it is okay to take a break.

In health, this is an excellent sign that you are on the mend and are looking good. You did the right thing for yourself and it is paying off.

Reversed World Meaning 

When we see the World card in reverse, it is not time to panic — it is just a heads up that lets us know we are slacking and have to get back on track. This card is associated with energy and, in reverse, the lack of it.

If you are concerned about something in your life and you get this card, you are being told to snap out of it and get your life back together, because you are the only one who can save yourself.

The World Tarot card is also a very important card in terms of health and healing.

If you have noticed that your health is not improving, this card says to try something different. It is a card that tells you to make changes if you are not getting what you want or need out of this life.

It is also a warning to you that things are not going to get better if you keep doing the same things over and over, getting nowhere.

It is a good career wake-up call, letting you know that you need to put in the effort to get out of a ruinous job situation or to simply get up on your feet and move. Make things happen; do not become complacent with your own life. 

The World Tarot Card’s Meaning in Love and Relationships

If you are curious about your love life and you get the World Tarot card, consider yourself very lucky. It is a great show of stability and solid family life.

Love and Relationships: Upright World Meaning

If you are not partnered and you wish to be, you will be. And if you are married, it represents marital bliss.

Drawing the World Tarot card upright lets you know that everything in your relationship is balanced and working well. You can trust your mate and they can trust you.

All things feel comfortable, and with proper respect and honest communication, you can count on longevity and trust within the partnership.

If you get the upright world tarot card then that means your current relationship is giving you fulfillment and complete happiness right now. This card could also suggest that you take the next step in your relationship and looking towards the future. 

Love and Relationships: Reversed World Meaning

If you receive a reversed World card in a love reading, it is most definitely about laziness and lack of focus.

Perhaps you have been in a relationship for a long time and there is no longer any spark of excitement. This one’s on you, friend. 

The World card tells you that you can have more. You can put in the effort to mend your tired relationship and renew it into something marvelous.

You could also be lacking love if you get the reversed World Tarot card and this could be a sign to you that something is missing in your love life.

Something in your love life feels incomplete and once you address whatever it is that’s getting in the way of your love life will you then be able to be happy in your relationship again. 

The World Tarot Cards Element: Earth 

The World tarot card holds the element of the earth because World represents the Element Earth because the world does come from the earth.

If you get The World card you might be planning a trip somewhere in the world and this opens your door to adventure in your life. 

The World Tarot Card Ruling Planet: Saturn

The World tarot cards ruling planet is Saturn, which means have everything to do with structure, organization, and justice.

If you get The World card this means you have everything you need, in life. Your life feels complete because you are connected with yourself and your surroundings.

It’s great to have some validation in life, especially in times when you’re questioning if what you’re doing is right, and this card says it is and to keep going. 

The World Tarot Card is the last Major arcana card in the tarot deck.

After the Major Arcana set, the next four sets of the Minor Arcana cards come in. The first set is the Suit of Wands, therefore, the card that would come after The World would be the Ace of Wands. 

The Ace of Wands encourages you to follow your heart and your own path in life, which connects with The World tarot card in a way as you’re able to do that and succeed in life.

You’re seeing either positive experiences or seeing growth in your life that needed to happen. It means there are still more possibilities in life and you’re open to those new possibilities to align with your Higher Self. 

Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.​

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