What Does The Lovers Tarot Card Mean?
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Every spiritual life lesson can be found within the 78 cards that make up a Tarot deck. These cards are not going to predict your future, but they can provide hints or clues to give you insight into your love life.

There are several Tarot cards that you can draw when doing a reading.

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers card is the first of the Major Arcana, and it reveals when your love life is at a crossroads. ​This card specifically represents the perfect union, harmony, love, and attraction. This can mean providing signs for finding balance within oneself and indicates feelings of uncertainty about people in your life.

When the Lovers card is drawn, it typically means that you have a major choice to make. But depending on its position when drawn, it means different things.

Upright meaning keywords: Harmony, love, complementary energy, attraction

Reversed meaning keywords: Imbalance, coldness, fear of commitment, failure

The Lovers Tarot Card Description

Though there are many designs, when facing upright, this card shows a naked woman and man. The nudity signifies a vulnerabilty and openness with one another.

Behind the couple is a landscape that is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. Also present is an apple tree behind the woman (or the tree of knowledge), with a serpant coiled around the trunk, a devine reference to Adam and Eve and the temptation of pleasure.

In addition, behind the man is traditionally 12 flames, which represents the 12 zodiac signs.

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In the Rider Waite Tarot deck, the man and woman are underneath the angel Raphael, who represents healing, though in other decks, there may be a lack of Raphael. Despite this, it does not retract from the meaning of the Lovers card.

The man and woman look to one another under the guise of Raphael, of which the common interpretation of these details alludes to an unchangeable choice.

Upright Lovers Meaning

The Lovers facing upright represent an internal balance, learning your life values, and attaining harmony.

However, when the Lovers appear in a reading, it is also revealing that there are choices you must make, or that you are facing uncertainty with which path to choose. It is a reminder that the easiest path is not always the correct one; you may need to face some difficulty to ultimately make the right decision.

Reversed Lovers Meaning

A reversed Lovers card shows signs of disfunction, including trust issues and conflict, disconnection and detachment, disharmony, and lack of accountability.

This card may show signs that you are struggling to take the blame for the poor decisions you have made. Maybe you are picking your partner or staying in your relationship because of their appearance or for money.

Reversed, the Lovers card is basically telling you to suck it up and stop being so superficial. To be blunt, the universe is not to blame — you are.

The Lovers Tarot Card’s Ruling Zodiac Sign

Every zodiac sign is ruled by a Tarot card, and the Lovers Tarot card is ruled by Gemini, represented by the Twins.

In case you didn’t know, these twins are not identical. They are seen as the two sides of the same person.

So, whether you get a positive or negative reading, the Lovers card represents having two options and needing to decide between them. This decision may be between two people, or an individual working out an inner-battle.

The Lovers Tarot Card’s Meaning in Love and Relationships

Love and Relationships: Upright Lovers Meaning

In a love reading, upright Lovers represents all the positives of a relationship: soulmates and kindred spirits, perfect unions and partnerships, sexual connections, and shared values. 

If you are single, it may mean that great love is coming in the near future, and will be more than just physical attraction and lust. This is one of the best cards you can get for romance guidance!

If you are in a relationship, drawing this card could predict a rekindling of romance, leading to a deeper connection that may have been lacking before. You and your partner are set to be on the same wavelength in terms of mental and emotional connection.

Love and Relationships: Reversed Lovers Meaning

While Tarot cards help, they are not going to tell you when you will get married or how you will manage to leave your toxic relationship. Instead, they allow you to tap into the answers that already live within your subconscious.

So, when you have a reversed Lovers card during a relationship reading, it signifies that you are having a hard time accepting the decisions you have made.

If you are single and receive the Lovers reversed, it means you may find love, but not in a timely manner. Or, it can represent the relationships of your past and why they were wrong for you. Because finding a lasting relationship is about more than just a physical connection.

If you end up with a reversed Lovers card and are in a relationship, it means that you and your romantic partner are not on the same wavelength where it matters most. One partner may be trying harder than the other, or trust issues may plague both of you, preventing progress.

The supporting cards can confirm the root cause, including: 

  • The Ace of Cups can indicate when you are in at an emotional peak or starting a new relationship.
  • The Empress card indicates to listen to your intuition when you feel confused about love or to practice empathy with others.
  • Ten of Pentacles can mean you will be rich in love.
  • The Emperor appears when you have to fight for your relationship, or will win a challenge that is come against you and your partner.
  • Four of Wands is a sign that your love life is going to last and you are both committed.
  • The Hierophant means you might be getting married soon.
  • Ten of Cups signifies you are in a good relationship.

Whatever the reason, these differences need to be resolved if the relationship is to survive.

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