Weekly Love Horoscope For November 22 – 28, 2021
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Sagittarius season is kicking off with a lot of fire in our hearts…unfortunately the fire is a little too wild and a little too destructive.

This Sagittarius season is showing the true unstableness of the rocky relationships and love matches in your life.

The Moon in Cancer is in opposition to Venus (in Capricorn). In this, there is a whirlwind of passion that can leave you entangled in each other (and in the sheets).

However, while this is putting your love affairs into the spotlight you will also unveil if you are as in love as you believed. You may start recognizing that the throws of passion are now gentle tosses and are getting bored with this constant routine.

The Moon in Leo is also square with Mars in Scorpio during this time, which is engulfing our romantic connections with absolutely argumentative behavior.

A lot of this comes from repressed emotions. The good news about this is that within these emotions there is still passion; however, you have to be the one to see how exactly that passion moves you.

The week will end with the same Moon in opposition of Jupiter in Aquarius, which can be a facilitator in breakups and splitting. If you are seeking separation, use this as a catalyst.

However, if you’re trying to hold the pieces of a broken connection together, tread lightly and pick your battles.

Weekly Love Horoscope For November 22 – 28, 2021:


Aries, this week it’s important to keep in mind that your fears may be louder than the reality of the situation.

You may be sending yourself into a panic about relationship problems that aren’t really there. Are there things to work on with your partner that urge you to celebrate or is it possible that you’re sabotaging your happiness?


Taurus, routine is really important to you, but within your love connection, it can make you a little understimulated.

While you value a good base for your connection, you still want to be surprised and try new things together. To keep the spice in your connection you may want to try new twists to your already established routine.


Gemini, you may feel as though you are always seeking escapism within your connection, not because you don’t love your partner, but because you don’t feel as though you’re truly still free with them.

This connection may be more restrictive than you need right now. This may be the week to express these concerns and find a way to be able to be you outside of your connection.


Cancer, you need to take your connections for face value instead of reaching for deeper meaning in your partner’s actions or moves.

You may feel as though you are being personally attacked by the way they are acting, and while parts of this can be true, you may find that it’s more your psyche’s insecurities reacting than yourself at the moment.


Leo, to see success in your romantic connections you need to be flexible this week. You cannot be so rigid in your connections to bend the will of your partner.

Set your expectations to make a compromise instead of strong-arming someone into doing what you want to do. Your partner may need this more than they let on.


Virgo, you have great sights about where you want this connection going. However, are you ready to commit to this series of connections?

If you are establishing relationships, be understanding that you are making promises that you will have to either follow through on or break. Which of these feels best for you?


Libra, this week will be beneficial to your relationships as they establish their longevity and show their true estimate of how faithful they can be.

This week you will be able to exhibit extreme patience. Utilize this to be able to hear your partner instead of reacting to them when they share their problems with you.


Scorpio, you may find yourself arguing with your partner over the responsibilities you share. You may find yourself in a constant conversation about who did what wrong.

What if instead of fighting each other you focus on fighting the problem together? It isn’t about who is in the wrong, it’s about how you work together to resolve the issue.


Sagittarius, this week you may notice an imbalance between all you’re doing to support your relationship and existing within the unit.

You may find that you’ve been working too much without spending time with the person you love. Stop burying yourself in the world outside and bury yourself under the covers with the one who stole your heart.


Capricorn, what’s done is done. You can not salvage something you have been trying to fix for this long. If you are head over heels in love, then this is how you’ll be.

If you cannot find a reason to be together, however, you won’t find it now. Stop exhausting your resources and set yourself free.


Aquarius, you are always so tough and serious. This week may be more important to letting down your walls and letting the person you’re getting close to know the real you.

You don’t have to keep up this line of defense if you are ready to let someone know you. Allow yourself to be moved by the love in your life.


Pisces, love is not always easy for you; this week it’s a hurricane. Be cautious to put blind faith in people who haven’t given you a reason to give it.

Keep yourself protected; this is not the week to start a new relationship.

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