Pisces Moon Sign Meaning, Traits & Characteristics
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While a Sun sign, AKA a zodiac sign, is commonplace in astrology, our Moon sign is just as important.

By learning about our Moon sign and its meaning in astrology, we’re better able to use these qualities for our advantage and be aware of any challenges it might represent. This enables us to live our lives more fully as our true self and create a life that based in authenticity. 

A Pisces Moon sign, in particular, always represents our deepest truth. 

What is a Moon sign in astrology?

The Moon transits different signs approximately every three days, while the Sun only moves about once a month. So, when we’re looking to discover what our Moon sign is, it means to find out what sign the Moon was in at the time of our birth.

This is also known as our astrological birth chart, and why it’s so much more important than just knowing our zodiac or Sun sign. 

This is because the Sun and Moon represent different parts of ourselves and our life.

The Sun represents how we seem to others, while the Moon always signifies our deepest truth. This means we may not always align with our Sun sign but feel more drawn to our Moon.

In astrology, the Sun also represents behavior, while the Moon tends to rule our emotions. So, it’s the part of ourselves that others don’t see that end up being our true self. 

What are the Pisces Moon Sign traits?

What does it mean when you have your Moon in Pisces? Since Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, they have qualities of all the other signs.

But this sign is most known for their intuitive feelings, which is not only a strength of this Moon sign, but also part of a bigger lesson they’ll learn about themselves. Pisces is often equated with Chiron, the wounded healer, because this sign tends to underestimate their own power, especially the power to heal themselves.

In this case, Pisces Moons feel everything. This is their greatest strength; however, they have to learn to distinguish between their intuitive feeling and their emotional response to something triggering. This means they may been jealous or avoidant — not because it’s intuitively in their best interest, but because they are responding to something that feels uncomfortable or scary to them.

Once this lesson can be learned, or at least brought awareness to, it opens up the greatest gift for this Moon sign: being able to energetically feel out people and situations that they meet.


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This makes them have almost a magical or ethereal quality about them that will have them trusting feelings more than words.

Through this process, Pisces Moons trust their feelings above all others, especially in terms of those they meet or opportunities that come around. They have shown that even if they don’t logically make sense, they are always spot-on.

Pisces Moons are extremely imaginative, needing to retreat into this private world of theirs to rest, but also to recharge and dream about their future plans. A Pisces Moon needs to feel as if they can indulge in being imaginative with no responsibility to think logically.

This isn’t because this sign doesn’t crave or need grounding, it’s just that logic tends to be a weight that only holds this Moon sign back from doing what they are best at: creating a world all their own.

At times, if they are hurt this can mean they are avoidant or choose to escape — either into their dream world, or by traveling and quite literally just leaving. This is the opposing nature of the fish: incredible sensitive, feeling, emotional, intuitive. But if they feel hurt, disrespected or scared they may be abandoned, they are likely the ones to take off running.

However, even if a Pisces Moon takes to escaping hurt or the real life they just don’t understand, they will come back. That’s because this sign doesn’t know how to give up on what matters most to them.

What is the best career for a Pisces Moon?

A Pisces Moon’s imagination is their best asset in their career; however, this is something they need to learn to use to their advantage, and not a distraction from doing the task at hand.

This sign doesn’t feel fear or risk the way other signs do, which means they push the boundaries of what’s possible more than others.

Pisces Moons won’t always be understood because they are governed by an unseen force that they trust, and because they are so keenly connected to their intuition and spiritual world they often do best in areas where they make a greater impact on the collective.

Often times working independently and quietly, this sign is one that always has a lot going on inside of their head — they just need the balance of someone to help them get it out in a way the rest of the world understands.

They are called idealistic and dreamy, but this also means they are extremely creative with words, and often make great writers or artists.

However, because of the connection to the natural world around them, they can be drawn into the sciences and conservation projects.

Pisces Moons make for great healers because of the connection to Chiron; however, they have to make sure this is coming from a place of reciprocal support and healthy boundaries, and not codependency; this is something this sign will often have to learn and work through in the beginning.

While they can attract abundance and financial wealth, if they aren’t helping others or making a difference somehow, it usually won’t feel fulfilling to them.

What is the Pisces Moon love compatibility?

Of all the signs, this is the sign to love and be loved by.

When we think of Pisces, in general, we know it’s a type of love that few have ever seen or experienced, which is only exemplified by the meaning and nature of the Moon. Because the Moon represents our emotional world and all that is hidden below the surface, this sign only deepens those feelings and experiences.

A Pisces Moon is dreamy and often live in a fantasy world, which is what attracts perspective partners to them, since they seem very otherworldly. But the challenge comes in transition into real life.


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This Moon sign has the capability to truly create a once in a lifetime kind of love affair, but they also need to use their intuitive feelings to see their partner for exactly who they are, and not who they wish them to be. Once they can do this, they will have mastered the art of unconditional love.

This water sign is known for being extremely romantic, so this is also the way to their heart. But romance to a Pisces Moon doesn’t translate to expensive and lavish gifts; rather, it’s quite nights in, picnics under the stars, and bubble baths with candles. 

Best Love Match for Pisces Moon: Cancer Moon

Worst Love Match for Pisces Moon: Capricorn Moon

Even though Pisces Moons tend to get lost in their own world and dreams, they are really attracted to the simple acts of romance.

This is also a sign that pairs for life. They aren’t prone to one-night stands or being with multiple people to know what they want.

If a Pisces Moon falls in love, it’s always forever.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker. As a spiritual intuitive, she practices the religion of astrology and love. For more of her work, visit her website.

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