Meaning Of Venus In Gemini, According To Astrology
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Like the Sun and Moon, Venus spends approximately 30-days in each zodiac sign — sometimes longer if it retrogrades.

In general, you can find the dates for Venus in Gemini during the months of April, May, and June depending on its retrograde cycle.

This year, Venus is in Gemini from April 3, 2020 until August 7 when it enters Cancer.

What does it mean when Venus is in Gemini, per astrology?

Venus has a gentle energy.

She rules two grounded zodiac signs Fixed Taurus and Cardinal Libra.

Venus is most adaptable when exalted in the zodiac sign, Pisces.

So, obviously Venus in Gemini is going to exhibit all the sweetness of her personality but with a twist when in the sign of the Twins.

At her worst, Venus is distant and critical, for example, when she’s debilitated in Virgo, a person with this placement may appear to focus more on the act of loving vs the emotional aspect of love and beauty.

Venus is the brightest thing in the sky beside the Sun and the Moon. Venus’ element is water. So, she’s weakest when on fire, like you’d find in Aries.

So now that you know a little bit more about what Venus is all about, it’s easier to explain what Venus in Gemini means, according to astrology.

Venus in Gemini takes on the personality traits of the third solar house and the archetype of the twins.

Gemini (May 21st to June 20) arrives between the Spring Solstice and the Summer Equinox.

  • Its element is air. Its planet is Mercury. Its colors are yellow and blue.
  • Geminis are a very practical sign. They are able to see situations from both sides and look at them objectively.
  • They also have a weakness that causes them to be wishy-washy and not be good at making decisions very well.
  • They tend to change their minds on a whim. It causes them to give off an unstable and solid impression.
  • Geminis are fast on their feet. They are good at thinking clearly.
  • They are a light and happy and energetic sign.
  • They are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to street smarts that help them to succeed in their endeavors.
  • Gemini revolves around communication and travel.
  • It also encompasses the past and future.

When Venus is in the zodiac sign, Gemini, she takes on freedom-loving personality traits and expresses herself through a love of history, change, talking, and short travel.

Famous Venus in Gemini celebrities:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Uma Thurman
  • Al Pacino
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Adele
  • Tom Hanks
  • Elon Musk

These individuals are both spontaneous and antsy. They love to travel and dislike being in one place for too long.

Unfortunately, being in one place doesn’t just apply to their physical location. You’ll also see it in the transition of relationships.

Meaning of Venus in Gemini — marriage and singleness

Venus in Gemini can be found among people with multiple marriages and sometimes singleness but still having children.

Elon Musk and Jennifer Lopez have been married 3 times.

Tom Hanks has been married twice. And with Gemini being the sign of the bachelor, people like Al Pacino who never married, but had children with two of his long-term relationship partners may as well blame his Venus in Gemini.

Venus in Gemini can get bored with their partner if things become stale or disinteresting.

Meaning of Venus in Gemini — communication

Fortunately, Venus in Gemini can make a person a good conversationalist.

This placement makes it easy to know how a Venus in Gemini person is feeling. When they want to break-up, it isn’t messy and there won’t be a lot of loose ends. They often continue a friendship with their ex-partner.

It makes the break-up a little bit easier to digest on both sides, especially if not both of the partners are in agreement on the concept of breaking up.

Having Venus in Gemini does not mean that this person will be unfaithful or a liar.

In fact, Venus in Gemini tends to put their loved one as a top priority — they follow real love rather than superficial love.

Meaning of Venus in Gemini — love and relationships

They bounce from partner to partner at first, looking for the real thing when it comes to love.

When they finally find something that they feel has potential, they’ll settle down and spend all their time with the partner of their choice.

This can be a misleading way of dating and being courted for all the people that Venus in Gemini is getting to know to work on finding their true love.

Meaning of Venus in Gemini — money and possessions

Venus rules material possessions, so of course, this is also about money.

They are very generous and put in a lot of effort into each relationship at the chance that the relationship that they are working on, is their life partner.

Meaning of Venus in Gemini — dating

They are very good at courting and admiring and giving gifts to their current love.

Unfortunately, they are not super consistent with their loving towards an individual person unless they are convinced that they’ve found their true love.

Meaning of Venus in Gemini — fidelity

They don’t typically cheat and become unfaithful.

They just stop putting in the effort and trying to do their best to make the relationship succeed until eventually.

Meaning of Venus in Gemini — breakups

Yes, a Venus in Gemini may break up with you, and no, they likely won’t want to get back together.

They tire so much of the person they are with and the effort that they have been putting in, that they will just end the relationship with no warning altogether.

However, they often do stay a good friend, even if the friendship remains distant.

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