Love Shack
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I used to feel depress about being single because i felt like if you were single you couldn’t feel or experience affection or some type of love. Well i learned real quick that being single wasn’t that bad at all. Even though i don’t have anyone to call my woman or man, i have had plenty of experiences with both sexes involving affection and plenty of attention. The sex that i have had is enough to make me love myself better than anyone can.

Ive been in plenty of relationships, some lasting and some ended very quick, but if there’s one thing i learn from my relationships and being single is that: “Relationships” and “Single” are just titles. You can experience that love and desire with someone whether ya’ll are in a relationship or just friends.

Ive been seeing this guy named M. for a couple of months. I started talking to him after my brake-up with my ex of a year and a half. Me and M. are very close and comfortable with each other. He’s single and so am i but we both love each other and respect and cherish each others bodies like we were in a relationship.
The way he kisses and caresses my bodies is more than ive have experience in my relationships.

I can say now that i dont care about being single. I know that one day someone will capture my heart and my mind.

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