It's Time For Everyone To Stop Caring So Much About MY Pubic Hair
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Considering that most people have seen pornographic material of some sort, and with the growing rise of Internet accessibility, there seem to be more and more expectations for having intercourse with others. 

Porn has made us actors in our own fictional movies.

Does my hair look good when I flip it to this one side? What about my left boob and/or testicle? Wait, did I shave my pubes? Dammit, I didn’t. They are going to think I’m disgusting.

While some people rock the ’70s bush like no other and others go “bald eagle,” it’s funny to see how our dynamic has changed when it comes to pubic hair.

I’m of college age, and I can tell you — I have heard men say that would not have sex with a woman because of pubic hair.

During the ’70s there was an era of free love, and up until then body hair on women did not seem to be like that large of a deal. It is the immersion of porn (starting with Deep Throat) that has caused women to suddenly be self conscious about hair-down-there. 

When did pubes start wielding this kind of power?

Because excuse me, why are MEN allowed to have chest AND back hair, but if my pubes are grown out slightly all of a sudden I am repulsive? Hell to the no, that is not how that works!

Recently though, even “manscaping” has become a term in society where if men have bushes at the end of their, ehem, trees — they weed whack the shit out of that! But why? Why is hair such a turn off?

I have also heard women talk about how they don’t care if other people have hair, it just makes them (personally) feel “disgusting”. What? I’m not saying quit shaving your legs and armpits (unless, of course, you want to), but damn — do you have to bring down everyone else with how you feel about your own body?

It’s just hair, people. HAIR.

If someone doesn’t want to have intercourse with you because you have not shaved your legs in two weeks or your labia are covered in curls. then NEWS FLASH — something’s out of whack.

Why is there such a gender gap when it comes to grooming expectations? It is because society has told women that they should be essentially hairless or they are not considered attractive.

This is all fun and games to talk about but what it boils down to is having our own bodily autonomy and deciding what is best for us and instead of something that makes us feel “normal” in society. Regardless of your outlook on hair we do have to remember that our bodies are delicate and need as much love and kindness as possible, excluding body shaming for more healthier minds and bodies. 

’70s bushes may just be a trip to the distant past — and then again, hey, if you like a landing strip, go for it. Can we all just agree to maybe NOT take pubic hair so seriously?

Because in the end everyone has it. Some people (I’m not necessarily saying me, but me) may want to sleep in longer instead of shaving — and really, is it THAT big of a deal?

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Aly Walansky


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