Are You Bringing A Date To Your Thanksgiving Dinner?
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Pretty soon, we’ll all sit around a table with loved ones, break bread and share what we are most thankful for this year. But as the season kicks off, there are some stresses that we don’t feel grateful for — like the challenge of dating during the holidays.

The folks at online dating site Zoosk recognize that the holidays can be stressful for singles, so they surveyed more than 2,500 of them about their holiday dating habits. The results? Read on.

Most singles won’t go stag. ‘Tis the season for holiday gatherings, and more than half of singles (58 percent) say they will be bringing a date to the office party, New Year’s bash or other shindig. Some, however, share a few fears about bringing someone to such events. Thirty-nine percent of men are afraid that frisky coworkers will hit on their pretty date, and thus refuse to bring a date to the office party. Meanwhile, 49 percent of women won’t bring a date out of fear that their partner would get too drunk and cause a scene. Valid concerns, both! Office Holiday Party Dos And Don’ts

Family feuds. Thanksgiving and Christmas may seem like a great time to kill two birds with one stone — visit the entire family while introducing a new significant other — but many singles pass on bringing dates to such gatherings. Why? For starters, they’re afraid their guest will be rude. Sixty-nine percent of women say they would break up with a guy if he was disrespectful to her parents, didn’t get along with her siblings or didn’t love the family pet; 60 percent of men say the same. Interesting. 10 Tips for Winning your new Partner’s Family over this Holiday

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When in doubt, head to the cinema. Perhaps the most fun, escapist part of the holidays are the seasonal movies that grace the big screen. Thirty-five percent of singles say they would go on a date to see the celebrity-packed New Year’s Eve. Another 30 percent would opt instead for the raunchy A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas to kick off the season; while 26 percent would choose Adam Sandler’s Jack & Jill for a holiday date night. However, plenty would rather stay home curled up on the couch watching classics like A Christmas Story (29 percent) or the Will Ferrell comedy Elf (26 percent). What’s The Best Holiday Movie For Cuddling?

Meet me under the mistletoe. If you’re without a date this season, don’t stray from the mistletoe — 82 percent of men and 76 percent of women think it’s an excellent excuse to give someone a kiss. Cute and classy.

How are you spending the holidays? Are you bringing a date to your Thanksgiving dinner? How about the company Christmas party?

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