5 Ways You Become More Like Your Partner Over Time (Even If You Don't Realize It)
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There are many things that change when you start falling in love with someone, but there is nothing like science to explain why those changes happen.

Though its common to read relationship advice about how important it is for people to maintain their sense of individuality when they become part of a couple, would it really surprise you to learn that being in love can — and does — often change who you are and how you behave to at least some extent?

Yes, being in a relationship can change the way couples look, communicate, and so much more.

Here are five ways people change when they become part of a couple, according to science.

1. They begin to adopt the same mannerisms.

Ever mistake a married couple for being siblings? Well, couples do start to look similar after some time.

According to the findings of a study out of the Department of Psychology at University of Cincinnati, this is because they start using the same muscles often and begin to mirror each other, which leads to them having the same mannerisms.

2. They start eating the same amount of food.

Many men try to make women feel bad for gaining weight after getting into a relationship, but there is a reason for this.

Dr. Lisa Young, an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at NYU, says that men eat so much more because they are just physically bigger.

So when they date a woman, that woman often picks up his habits and starts eating as much as the man.

3. They start to sound like each other.

Not only do you move alike, but how you speak also changes. Joshua Wolf Shenk told Business Insider that couples change their basic rhythms and syntactical structures to become more similar after spending so much time together.

Plus, text messages between couples also change to a point where the two eventually sound more alike.

4. They create their own language.

If you think you’re the only ones who have made up secret ways to communicate, you’re wrong. Psychologists found that couples make nicknames, inside jokes, secret words and phrases in order to connect.

A study conducted at Ohio University also found that couples who make a secret language tend to be happier.

5. They learn cultural traits from each other.

One study found that people who marry “up” or “down” tend to teach the other certain things to get on the same page.

A person who is working class learns how to have a more stable life from the other who is middle class.

The spouse who is middle class learns more about spending time with family from the working class spouse.

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