5 Types Of Eye Contact & What They Say About Someone’s Attraction To You
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The eyes have a way of telling it all, especially when it comes to the law of attraction. That’s why there are different types of eye contact attraction rules that you can look out for.

Keeping and maintaining eye contact in conversation is one of the best ways to communicate with someone and to attract someone, as eyes are the window to the soul.

Using eye contact is one of the best ways to convey your interest in what someone else is saying. This is so important at the start of relationships as establishing prolonged eye contact can help you connect even more to the person you’re going out with, even if it’s not love at first sight. 

Eye contact and attraction can be mutually exclusive as making eye contact with someone is an important way to get an idea of how the person you might be dating is feeling because you can actually see attraction in someone’s eyes.

If the person you are on a date with is holding eye contact for longer periods of time then they are most likely attracted to you, This can also be seen as gazing eye contact, which is powerful and indicates attraction.

Eyes never lie. However, their messages can be misinterpreted — so that’s why eye contact along with communication is very important. 

If you are skilled enough at holding someone’s gaze for a prolonged period of time in some type of verbal and physical communication then you can be even better at flirting.

What are the 5 types of eye contact?

1. Staring.

This type of staring we are talking about here is the good type, where you’re intently focusing on someone’s eyes, and not in a creepy way.

Staring at someone could show that you’re attracted to them but you might be afraid to admit it.

However, staring can be tricky as if you stare for too long it can make a person feel invasive and uncomfortable to other people who are paying attention. 

Staring for an appropriate level of time can show that you’re extremely interested especially if you’re not staring up and down at someone’s body but more at their eyes and face.

2. Furtive glances. 

Furtive glances are when a person who likes you takes a look at your to register what you look like and then looks away before you see them staring. This is because the person might be attracted to you but too shy to let you know. 

They can’t help but keep looking back and forth at you as it’s a natural push and pull for them. If you catch on and are able to lock eyes for even just a second it can feel very electrifying if you find them attractive as well. 

This type of eye contact is pretty common and can be used to create a very intimate experience. 

3. Total avoidance. 

This type of eye contact is where you try not to meet the glance of another person. Lack of eye contact can be a sign that someone is attracted to you but is very shy and anxious to give in and establish eye contact with you. 

However, this type of eye contact can only be determined if you have an idea or someone told you that this person liked you or was attracted to you.

Avoiding eye contact from a stranger could mean they don’t want to talk to you, they aren’t interested, or that they have social anxiety. 

4. The unconscious glance.

This is probably one of the most used types of eye contact as you might put yourself in close proximity to a person you like and then test out the unconscious glance which is when you “accidentally” catch their gaze and smile and see if they are then open to talking if they notice. 

After making the unconscious glance you might try making a conscious glance and see if the person notices now and reacts positively.

You can usually tell if they are attracted to you if they respond to your glance and their body language matches yours.

5. The second glance.

This type of eye gaze is when you notice that someone who might have accidentally made eye contact with you looks at you again and then breaks eye contact. This is like a double-take as they found you attractive and want to take another look and create attraction.

The second glance is most likely to happen because the person is attracted to you. This also means they are either consciously or unconsciously gravitating towards you because they find you interesting and attractive.

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