3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On March 2, 2022
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The energy is shifting, and under the surreal energies of the Piscean New Moon, we are encouraged to remember life is a dream.

Light is returning to your life, and it feels like possibilities are everywhere, especially for three zodiac signs.

With the new astrological energy of March already streaming in, you can tell it feels vastly different than last month.

This will help you close some big karmic doors that have been part of recent lessons. 

It will help to clear the air so that you can rest some longstanding fears or even worries about the decisions you have made and the situations presenting themselves in your life. 

The Moon is in Pisces all day, with the New Moon exactly around midday. So, either last night or tonight would be ideal for any rituals that this lunation would enhance because of the heightened intuition that it will be bringing. 

It is not a repetition of the past or even blindly making decisions without noticing if it resonates with your true feelings. 

This is where you realize that you no longer live in the past, even if it seems challenging to fully let it go. 

During the New Moon, it will encounter both Uranus and Jupiter. 

This will make you want to no longer play safe, to take some risks that you feel would bring you greater happiness and abundance in your life. 

During today and the lunar energy you will be moving through, you will begin to shift away from anything that felt constraining and crave ultimate liberation and freedom. 

Here’s why it’s a great day for 3 zodiac signs on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

1. Pisces 

(February 19 – March 20) 

As this New Moon in Pisces lights up you and your life, you’ll wonder why you ever had any doubt that things would work out. Or even that they ended up being far better than you could even have dreamed, which is saying a lot.

This is your annual New Moon and a time to look at yourself and see if what you have in your life aligns with who you authentically are. At the midpoint of your birthday season, you are looking at what this time of rebirth means to you.

Lessons have been learned even if there still are some loose ends, and you are determined to enter this next phase of your life differently and with your eyes wide open.

The New Moon, especially with its connections to Jupiter and Uranus, is really giving you the green light to start taking some chances in your life.

Whether it is that big move, that secret desire to create your own business, or even take a chance on new love, you are being encouraged to go for it.

This is always a potent Moon for new beginnings, but for you, it is amplified, which means rather than planning for failure, it is time to start planning for success. 

2. Virgo 

(August 23 – September 22) 

This Piscean New Moon will bring opportunities to your love life. You have been walking the line between not knowing if you needed anyone and wondering why you do not already have that special someone in your life.

Today’s energy brings you some unique perspective and helps you take that step towards change, even if it seems scary.

The fears we have about being hurt or even left keep us from investing in a relationship or the other person. You might say you are OK being alone, but that does not mean deep down you still do not believe life could be better with someone.

The difference here is healthy relationships. If it is only another part of a toxic cycle, then no, it would not add something to your life. But if it was different.

Suppose it was based on your healing and sense of abundance instead of lack. In that case, you might just find it in this kind of relationship that truly challenges you to receive what love was meant to be all along. 

3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 – December 21) 

After a few months of some rocky moments in your home and family life, this Pisces New Moon should gift you with the beautiful beginning you secretly want.

Everything gets hard at times, and the moments of transition from one thing to another tend to be the most difficult. But it does not stay that way. Eventually, whatever was challenging will be smoothed with consistency, communication, and time.

You may have heard that time heals all wounds, but as you are discovering, that is not true. Only you can heal what hurts, and you cannot do that without first addressing the source of the pain.

Whether the difficulties show up at home or in your personal relationship, this New Moon gives you a peaceful and loving atmosphere to start the healing process.

It can also serve to reconnect any recent separations. You get the nudge to move forward unafraid to take risks, especially if it has to do with love.

Life may have taught you that things never work out how you think they will, but you must believe it is because they are meant to be better. So trust yourself under this Moon, step up to the plate when it comes to facing what hurts and be prepared to welcome in more than you could ever imagine. 

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker. As a spiritual intuitive, she practices the religion of astrology and love. For more of her work, visit her website. 

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