15 Things Guys Like To Hear From Women
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Men are often easy to please — and many times they’re even easier to read.

It doesn’t take much to impress most men, and many women tend to overestimate how much guys really want in a relationship or need to feel loved.

Most of the time, men will turn into putty in your hands if you just say the right things to them. Sadly, many of us don’t really think to say these things too often.

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If you want to put a smile on your man’s face, tell him one of these things next time you see him.

Here are 15 things men want to hear from the women they love.

1. “I’ll pay the tab this time, hun.”

Most of the time, guys have to do all the legwork when they are going on a date. This includes planning, paying the bill, and also carting around the girl.

If you want to really show them your appreciation, offer to pay the full tab next time you’re out. He will appreciate it, I promise.

2. “Damn, you’re strong.”

Whether they like to admit it or not, every guy has a side of him that has a macho streak in it. Yes, he wants to impress the senoritas with his feats of strength. Saying this will make him melt or even blush.

3. “You’re pretty hot, you know that?”

One of the reasons most guys envy girls is because girls get complimented a lot more frequently than guys do. Guys rarely, if ever, get compliments. This is particularly true about his looks. If you want to get brownie points, focus in on one part of him. It’ll make him really glow and believe you’re authentic when you say it.

4. “I admire you as a person.”

This is one of those compliments that goes in deep on so many levels. You don’t need to be a guy to love this one, but most men want to hear it at least once.

5. “I love you.”

This one is something that everyone wants to hear at least once, if only because it validates them and makes them feel like they’re wanted. Everyone, no matter who you are, wants to hear this.

6. “Let’s have sex.”

Angry and sad is the man who never gets to hear this from his romantic partner. Just saying, every guy wants to hear this over and over again.

7. “You’re different from others I’ve met.”

A lot of guys feel like they are being attacked when they hear women talk about how terrible men are. Saying this to them can feel like a Band-Aid being placed on that wound.

8. “You’re such an amazing provider.”

You wouldn’t believe how many guys out there really take a large amount of pride in being a provider and being head of their household. By saying this, you’re reaffirming their masculinity and showing them that you appreciate everything they do.

9. “I feel safe around you.”

Trust me when I say that most men absolutely, positively GLOW when they hear this. Considering that most men’s biggest fear is being called a creep, hearing this is a huge relief for most guys.

10. “Can we get a bit kinky?”

The vast majority of men out there have at least one kink that they hide from the girls they’re seeing out of worry that they will end up having a girl think they’re gross.

If you want to get him at ease and get him to open up, ask him for kinky sex. Heck, any sort of sexual attention a guy gets will be positive for him in one way or another.

11. “I respect you.”

Most guys don’t feel like women see them as equals. In fact, a lot of them even put them up on pedestals. This old-fashioned compliment will make him melt, if only because it helps him feel like he’s doing okay in your book.

12. “Your friends are so cool!”

Nothing makes a guy think that a girl is “The One” like being able to get along with his friends. Bromances are a thing, and a girl who supports his bros is a girl he’ll want to keep around.

13. “I’m sorry.”

If you did something wrong to a guy, you should say you’re sorry. Unfortunately for men and women alike, “sorry” is something we don’t often hear from people we should hear it from.

14. “Dude, you were having a bad day.”

Guys tend to feel a lot more shame than women do, and it really eats them alive when they do something that messes them up. If he can’t get it up during sex or acts a fool, telling him this can lift a huge weight off his shoulders.

15. “That was amazing.”

This compliment is a great way to finish a good date night, a great sex romp, or your first taste of his home cooking. Men live on praise, so praise them when they actually do something right.

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