15 Fun, Cheap Date Ideas For Memorial Day Weekend
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Summer is coming and Memorial Day Weekend kicks off a whole new season of awesome fun cheap dates that are possible.

What’s the difference between a “cheap” date and a fun cheap date? It’s all about the planning, execution and respect for what men and women both need. Dating can be really expensive for men and it can also be really frustrating for women who want to feel respected and romanced.​

If you’re looking for fun things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend or husband, we’ve made a list of the best Memorial Day weekend ideas for couples.

We’ve got fun cheap date ideas that work for both men and women. If you’re the man, you want to impress a woman without breaking the bank. So put the time into planning and communicating your plan well in advance and you’re bound to win!

If you’re the woman and you want to impress the man you’re dating, suggest some of the fun cheap date ideas. Then he’ll know you’re more interested in him than his wallet.

15 Fun, Cheap things to do over Memorial Day weekend:

1. Take your date to watch a Memorial Day parade.

Check out the local parades for Memorial Day Weekend in your area and choose one that sounds like fun. Bring snacks and drinks and make a day of it.

2. Grab some chocolate desserts together.

Pick a local artisanal chocolate shop and choose a few treats. Then go to a park and sit down to enjoy. Take a few hours to just sit and talk. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, watch out!

3. Go on a coffee date.

Pick a local independent coffee shop. A lot of independent coffee shops have art exhibits that can be fun to explore and talk about.

4. Check out your local events calendar.

Holiday and summer weekends are full of local events. How about a free movie in the park, an art walk or a free concert?

5. Have a romantic night in and cook together.

Cook a meal together or for each other if you’re comfortable enough to invite each other over. Pull a recipe from the Internet and make sure that it has good reviews. Ask each other if you have any food allergies or anything that they don’t like.

Put on some music and light a candle to put on the table. Voila, romantic dinner for two.

6. Pack food and have a picnic date in the park.

Bring sandwiches, drinks and some chocolate. Throw a Frisbee. Get to know each other.

7. Get active and go exercise together.

Do you both like to run, hike or walk? If so, then make a date to exercise with each other. You can even go get a smoothie afterward.

8. Rent a movie or go to a dollar movie theater together.

Hello Redbox! This is an inexpensive way to view a movie and buy some snacks. While everyone else is at the crowded big blockbuster movie openings, you can be catching up on the movies you missed on the big screen when winter weather had you stuck at home.

9. Head to your local bar for an easy, low-pressure date and play games.

Go play a couple of games of pool, darts, or bowling. You get to interact around a sport that can create a more relaxing atmosphere rather than a more formal date. Order an appetizer and a couple of drinks.

Hint, hint: It’s a great way to check each other out from behind and see how sportsmanlike you both are.

10. Go to a local farm to pick fresh produce together.

Depending on where you live, go pick something in season like berries and then bake a pie together.

11. Check out the music scene in your town and hit up a concert.

Check out local bands to see who is playing and where. There are a lot of free venues for bands that are trying to break out and be seen.

12. Go on a brunch date.

Now that the weather is getting better, breakfast dates where you can eat outside and take a walk afterward are a great way to spend time with each other. Breakfast is a lot less expensive than dinner and for some, it’s their favorite meal of the day!

13. Get your friends involved and host a BBQ or potluck together.

Have several couples come over and let each person bring a dish and something to grill. Play some card games and just have fun! It’s a great way to meet each other’s friends and have a culinary adventure as well.

14. Make it a pool date or a beach date.

Memorial Day Weekend is when many local pools open. Invite your date over to swim at your local pool or nearest swimming hole, river or lake.

Hint: this is a great way to preview what may be in your future if you get serious. Men adore a woman confident enough to throw on a swimsuit for a date. Sexy is all about confidence, not the hard body or tan.

15. Take your date on a fun road trip.

Pick a place to drive to for a few hours or a whole day. This is a good option if you’ve been dating a while. You might bring snacks for the drive or stop at a roadside stand for some fresh fruit or a local beverage. You can go see wildflowers in bloom or a great view you know about.

As you date and get to know each other better, you can talk about what you both enjoy doing and the list is bound to grow. Ladies, you can suggest some of these ideas when the man you’re dating asks you for suggestions.

You can even send him the link to this article and tell him what dates from this list sound like the most fun to you. He’ll appreciate that you are respectful of how much dating can cost and that you’re more focused on getting to know him and not just his wallet.

Claudette & Shelley are relationship coaches who are dedicated to bridging the gap between men and women in dating and relationships.

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