10 Tips To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy
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Whether you’re seeing someone new or looking for ways to keep your long-term relationship exciting, it’s only natural to want to know how to make her miss you and ensure you’re always on her mind.

When done with good intentions, making someone miss you isn’t manipulative. It’s a good way to keep relationships exciting and create that feeling of longing that really makes you look forward to your next meet.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just want to up the romantic tension in your relationship, here are 10 tips on how to make her miss you like crazy.

1. Leave her wanting more.

If you want a girl to miss you then you have to be more mysterious and not give away everything about yourself on the first date. 

You should also limit the amount of time spent with her so she will be thinking about you more often. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to see her, but you also don’t want to overdo it. That way she will be able to see you and then think about you when you have time apart from each other. 

Don’t tell her everything about you at once because you want to get her interested in getting to know more about you each time you hang out. 

2. Don’t be glued to your phone.

While you can (and should) respond to her texts and possible calls, don’t constantly text or call her. Make sure to limit your phone time because if you have time to respond to her 24/7 she might think you have nothing better to do. 

When you do talk to her, make the time count. Make her laugh and feel special so she will look forward to the moments she does get to talk to you. 

3. Give each other some alone time every once in a while.

If you are constantly with her, there is nothing for her to miss, which could cause her to lose interest in you.

Don’t forget to save time for things like hanging out with your friends and family and keeping up with your hobbies, to both avoid losing yourself in the relationship and show her that you do have other things going on in your life.

Limiting your time with her will make her appreciate the moments she does get to spend with you and miss you the more the two of you are apart. 

You can’t miss something you already have, so make sure that there’s this sort of power dynamic that she might have to put in some work to get close to you. 

4. Make sure the two of you have a fun time together. 

If you make a date a lot of fun while you are with her then she will want to do it all over again.

Fun dates make her miss the time the two of you had together and she won’t be able to stop thinking about the idea of going out with you again. 

Having a good and flirty time with her will also make her more romantically interested in you if there has been a lack of physical connection.

5. Check in with her sometimes.

You don’t want to be so distant from her that she starts to question your intentions.

In order to stay on her mind, make sure you call and send texts randomly just to ask how she’s doing and what she’s been up to.

She’ll appreciate that a lot because it shows that you’re thinking about her and that you actually care about her. 

6. Play hard to get — but don’t play games.

In order to make her miss you psychologically then you might have to play hard to get. 

Make sure you’re not constantly free and show her that you are busy at times, but that you are willing to find time for her. That way, she might be worried about losing you, so that when you do get time together she will appreciate it. 

When you do have time for her, make sure the time spent with her is a good time by treating her well, letting her know how you feel, and asking questions about her to show her that you have an interest in her life. 

7. Give her great memories with you.

If you want her to miss you when you aren’t together then your best bet is to spend quality time with her creating great memories that she can’t stop thinking about. 

Make her see that life with you is brighter, more fun, and interesting. Listen to her when she’s talking to you and take her to places she might have not been before. 

Make sure that you’re also the last thing she thinks about at night by texting her at night so she can’t stop thinking about you. 

8. Give her something that reminds her of you.

You can make her constantly think about you by giving her a gift or something of yours.

Even a simple t-shirt or hoodie of yours will make her constantly think of you and she will crave you and your smell from the clothes.

You could also gift her a necklace, book, or create a playlist just for her so when she wears, reads, or listens to that gift, she will think of you. 

9. Be sweet to her.

This might sound simple, but a man who knows how to respect and treat a girl is an attractive man and a big turn-on for women.

She wants to know that you are a nice guy who is going to treat her right, and that is a quality that is very desirable in a partner.

You have to give her a reason to like you and your personality and ultimately fall in love (or stay in love!).

10. Surprise her.

Every girl loves fun and exciting surprises.

There’s something about a sweet surprise that makes us very attracted to the person we are dating.

When the two of you go out, make an effort and plan a small heartfelt surprise that she will appreciate. Doing this will make her miss you more when the two of you are away from each other. 

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